Bid Calling Champions

1965, Livestock: Tige Thomas
1966, Livestock: Al Shaan
1967, Livestock: Craig Brittan
1968, Livestock: Jonnie Jujath
Merchandise: Walt Haynes
1969, Livestock: Ron Miller
Merchandise: John Mandeville
1970, Livestock: Fritz Hoppe
Merchandise: Jack Raty
1971, Livestock: Pat O’Brian
Merchandise: Mike Coolidge
1972, Livestock: Ron Miller
Merchandise: Frank Bass
1973, Livestock: Fritz Hoppe
Merchandise: Mike Coolidge
1974, Livestock: Johnnie Kujath
Merchandise: Gene Gable
1975, Merchandise: Del Strommen
1976, Livestock: Ken Youngland & Fred Williams
Merchandise: Jack Ellis
1977, Livestock: Fritz Hoppe
Merchandise: Jerry Buckley
1978, Livestock: Ron Miller
Merchandise: Rick Stahl
1979, Livestock: Mike Ellerd
Merchandise: Morris Gardner
1980, Livestock: Ken Younlund
Merchandise: Frank Bass
1981, Livestock: Jack McGuinness
Merchandise: Bill Taylor
1982, Livestock: Ron Miller
Merchandise: Jack Ellis
1983, Livestock: Jack McGuinness
Merchandise: Kevin Gardner
1984, Livestock: Pat Howey
Merchandise: Mark Lacher
1985, Livestock: Dean Folkvord
Merchandise: Randy Kearns
1986, Livestock: Del Strommen
Merchandise: Hank Zomer
1987, Livestock: Jack McGuinness
Merchandise: Rick Stahl
1988, Livestock: Randy Kearns
Mechandise: Hank Zomer
1989, Mark Lacher
1990, Kevin Gardner
1991, Mark Lacher
1992, Del Strommen
1993, Rand Searer
1994, No Contest
1995, Kevin Gardner
1996, Randy Kearns
1997, J.K. Kinsey

1998, Ed Hinton
1999, Merton Musser
2000, Jack Bowser
2001, Rick Stahl
2002, Ed Hinton
2003, Mark Lacher (Wy-Mont Joint Convention, All-Around Bid Call Champ Mark Lacher)
2004, Marilyn Burns
2005, Kyle Shobe
2006, Ed Hinton
2007, Mike Heitmann
2008, Dan Goss
2009, Merton Musser
2010, Jim Cooper
2011, Ed Hinton
2012, Jimbo Logan
2013, Robert Toavs
2014, Nick Bennett
2015, Merton Musser
2016, Larry Brannian (Wy-Mont Joint Convention)
2017, Jaimie Stanek

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