Past Presidents

Many dedicated people have served as President of the Montana Auctioneers Association since the first meeting held March 26, 1961 at the Northern Hotel in Billings, MT. Below is a list of those who served:

1961-1964: Bob Thomas
1964-1965: William Schnell
1965-1966: Clyde Bush
1966-1967: Ron Granmoe
1967-1968: Frank Bass
1968-1970: Jack Ellis
1970-1972: Fritz Hoppe
1972-1973: Ron Miller
1973-1974: Carl Westermark
1974-1975: Fritz Hoppe
1975-1976: Ron Granmoe
1976-1977: Carl Westermark
1977-1978: Fritz Hoppe
1978-1980: Rick Stahl
1980-1981: Davar Gardner
1981-1983: Morris Gardner
1983-1985: Robert McDowell III
1985-1987: Jerry Ellis
1987-1988: Bob Miller
1988-1990: Tex Pate
1990-1991: Morris Gardner
1991-1992: Ray Hawk
1992-1993: Del Strommen
1993-1994: Jayson Shobe

1994-1996: Merton Musser
1996-1998: Todd Gardner
1998-2000: Ed Hinton
2000-2002: Rod Tande
2002-2003: Scottie Peters
2003-2005: Shane Ophus
2005-2006: Matt Smith
2006-2007: Mickey Lapp
2007-2011: Jimbo Logan
2011-2013: Ed Hinton
2013-2014: Kyle Shobe
2015-2016: Brian Young

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