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10 things to take care of when developing your synthesis essay


When you read the word synthesis what comes to your mind?


Most of the time, it may be bewilderment. If you have been assigned to write a synthesis essay, it is important that a student must comprehend what in fact, is a synthesis essay.


A synthesis essay asks students to synthesize something and they are being tasked to combine various elements so that a unified and connected whole is formed. Students are required to take a unique stand or a specific perspective on an issue in the synthesis essay. Furthermore, they are also tasked to support it with evidence that is credible and is extracted from a unique collection of handpicked sources. This implies that in a synthesis essay, the essay writer is testing a different kind of skill and it requires the students to come up with a persuasive argument and this argument must be supported by information that is extracted from the sources given to the students.





What is a successful synthesis essay dependent on?


A successful synthesis essay is dependent on a lot of factors. The original thought has to be kept in mind and the sources must be used to support the claims and ideas of the authors. The most important thing is that apart from establishing credibility on the topic, the author of an essay writing service must make use of other sources so that sufficient information is available to make the thesis statement convincing.


Apart from this, in-depth research is also very crucial and it should be based on relevant sources. A student has to perceive and anticipate the intended objectives of the content that has to be analyzed. At the same time, if a source is being assessed for synthesis, then its core arguments and its rhetorical devices should also be examined through multiple lenses. After this, the personal claim of the author should also be given a lot of importance. In a synthesis essay, the personal claim majorly acts as the thesis statement of the essay. All the paragraphs in an essay should be built around the thesis statement. 


In this article, 10 things will be presented which have to be taken care of while developing a synthesis essay. The details of these 10 things are as follows:


Background synthesis


The purpose of this section is to help enlighten students with the background information on a given write my essay topic. The objective is to become an expert on the topic and to attain this objective, a lot of sources have to be examined thoroughly. 


Choice of the topic


A synthesis essay is not an easy form of writing. For a successful synthesis essay, a lot of thought has to be allocated merely in the choice of the topic. If the topic is controversial, yet debatable then it can be chosen. For a synthesis essay, a lot of sources have to be analyzed critically in order to arrive at a synthesis.


Literature review


In the synthesis essay, the literature review has a very important role because all the findings in the literature can identify the research gap of a synthesis essay. This section has to be taken care of because it can help the student to arrive at a conclusion that is drawn from the findings.


Credibility of sources


The sources which have to be analyzed for the synthesis essay must be credible. Random blogs and published articles will not lead to authentic results. Legitimate databases must be used for this purpose.


DIDLS- diction, details, imagery, language, sentence structure


All of these things are very important and have to be taken care of if you want to write an impressive synthesis essay. Students must not be shy about using a dictionary and they must use precise vocabulary. A precise definition can only work if it is a general write essay for me and the readers need to be informed about the concept. However, in a definition essay, the definition is only necessary to help readers get informed about the accepted definition of the concept.


Development of unique ideas


A synthesis essay is not about summarising various primary and secondary sources. It is a way of analyzing different texts and then developing unique ideas from the interlinking of those ideas to form a thesis statement. 


Organization of different ideas


The organization of ideas in a synthesis essay can follow the approach of summarising the relevant sources. This is not the ideal approach but it can generally work. The author must take care to include their independent thought with every idea.



Synthesis is simply a matter of making connections or putting different things together. It is the ability to combine the ideas coherently for others to see those connections. Coherence is very important in a synthesis essay because it can create a lasting impression on the readers. Through coherence, the writer avoids bombarding their reader with an undifferentiated mass of various ideas.




In a synthesis essay, if you are using information from any source you are obliged to cite it. If text is taken out of a source, it has to be put in quotation marks. Similarly, if any source is paraphrased in the synthesis essay, proper reference has to be given at the end or else consider a paper writing service.




Finally, proofreading is also very important because it involves the proofreader identifying small errors. This may seem like an obvious job but instructors are of the opinion that a lot of synthesis essays do not go through this process which leads to failure. 


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