Presidents Letter

Montana Auctioneers Association Members,

I hope everyone is having a safe and prosperous summer. As we progress into fall this seems to be one of the busy times for us all. It seems like when the frost sets in the phone rings more than normal. I think most people feel an urgency to sell prior to winter time arriving.

The board of directors have been working on our upcoming convention in Lewistown, Montana. We are looking at different options to make that a safe and user friendly environment for all that attend with a Plan B option in place.  As you might expect there will be challenges that we have not had in the past. I assure you the board of directors and the Shobe family will deliver a first class venue for us in January.

The topic of ethics has came up on one or more occasions recently. When describing items at auction it is our duty as auction professionals to follow the articles in the by laws. If you have not read them please do so  One article specifically under RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE PUBLIC is ARTICLE IX Members shall avoid misrepresentation or concealment of material facts. There is an affirmative obligation to disclose adverse factors which they have personal knowledge of.

In the world of real estate the word “puffing” is used which means “extravagant claims made in order to attract buyers.” In plain terms, puffing is an exaggeration of a fact.

The majority of the larger auction companies are very cautious on their wording in descriptions. If the wording is not fact it is most generally not included in the description. Keep vigilant of this as you proceed with your next auction. It will help keep you out of hot water.


Montana Auctioneers Association President

J.K. Kinsey CAI, AMM

January 29 & 30, 2021
Lewistown, MT
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Yogo Inn
211 E. Main Street
Lewistown, MT 59457
(406) 535-8721

Article by MAA Vice President Nick Bennett

NICHOLAS J. BENNETTThis has been an interesting rollercoaster of a spring and summer for all of us.  COVID-19 has brought extreme fluctuations to our commodity and asset markets, business practices and personal lives.  I am hopeful we are through the eye of the storm, but this fall has the potential to have unique twists and turns of its own as students go back to school and election season kicks in.

This rollercoaster ride has forced all businesses, large and small, to self- evaluate and make changes to continue serving clients.  As we are all aware, the auction industry was not spared.  We questioned how our businesses were going to move forward.  For many, changes were made, processes were adapted, and the industry charged ahead.

It is important for us to learn from this and adapt if the storm persists.  We are a resilient industry fully capable of overcoming obstacles that come our way.

The MAA Board of Directors is here for you. Please let us know anything the Association can do to assist you and your business.  Lastly, if you attended the MAA Conference in January, there is an “Added Value” logo on the website for you to download and use.  While you are downloading your logo, check and update your profile picture.  We are missing quite a few!

Have a great fall.
Nick Bennett

Montana Auctioneers Association History

The Montana Auctioneers Association has a rich history dating back to the first meeting held in 1961 in Billings, MT. Many dedicated men and women have helped shape the Association we have today. Click on the button below to see a summary of the past 60 years.

Host A Convention?

Each year at the Annual Meeting the attendees vote on where they would like to have the next year's Convention. If you'd like to have it in your town or a town nearby please view the document below for what you need to research prior to this year's convention. We would love to hear your proposal! If you're unable to attend this year but would still like consideration for future years you can submit your proposal to the office and we will present it for you.

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