Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics adopted by the Montana Auctioneers Association is the National Auctioneers Association CODE OF ETHICS. All members adhere to this national standard.

The public Auction subjects all possession to equitable public appraisal and competitive offer and thereby determines fair and current value of all personal goods and estates. The Auctioneer is the master of procedure and conduct of community progress and development. Such functions impose grave responsibility and duty beyond ordinary business policy to which he must dedicate himself and strive to maintain the highest standards of his profession and share with his fellow Auctioneers a common responsibility for its Integrity and Honor. Accepting the Golden Rule as his standard, the Auctioneer pledges himself to observe the Law of God and of the Land in all of his dealings, and to conduct his business in accordance with this code of ethics.

MAA By-Laws

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