Why Join the MAA?

One requirement of professionalism is continuing growth and education, as well as knowledge of current trends within a profession and those professions which effect it. Such growth and knowledge is facilitated by membership in any association formed for the purpose of achieving such goals and objectives. The rapid changes occurring in auctioneering make membership in an association a MUST for the auctioneer who is truly a “professional.”

The MAA is guided by an elected Board of Directors and Officers. Officers and Directors are chosen at the Association’s annual convention, usually held the last week in January, at various locations throughout the state. The convention offers members the opportunity to compete in a “Fun Auction”, to grow and learn through educational workshops, to share and to socialize and to provide professional input and direction for the coming year. Each MAA member in good standing is a voting member of the Association.

Many MAA members are finding that the Internet is a valuable tool and have invested in their future by developing their own websites. The MAA goals are to keep current with technology and assist its members with the tools to list statewide auctions on the MAA Calendar. All good standing members that have access to the Internet and would like to publish their auction(s) and/or events are encouraged to request an Account Name and Password. To request your account, go to the Auction Calendar and click on the Members button, follow the instructions to submit your information. You will receive an email with complete instructions on how to post on the MAA Calendar when your account is activated. MAA members who list auctions on the MAA Calendar are also encouraged to use the MAA web address on their brochures to promote this site. With the high printing costs and price of postage, we know that the MAA Calender will save you money, even pay for your yearly dues. More auction enthusiasts are using the Internet to view upcoming auctions and will travel that extra mile when they know about your auction.

The Association publishes a state newsletter four times a year. The newsletter presents articles, minutes and reports, and state and national auction news. Each member is urged to contribute to the newsletter content. The subscription to the newsletter is included in state dues

Yearly directory, which lists all MAA members alphabetically and gives pertinent information such as address, phone #, fax #, email address, and members website. You will be informed of the current Officers and Directors, and any changes to the By-Laws or Code of Ethics. It’s a Who’s Who list of Montanas’ finest auctioneers.

Each member will receive a membership card, lapel pin and reproduction of the MAA emblem, which may be used for advertising purposes. From time to time, other promotional items are available to members.

Member | $100 per year

Any auctioneer of good moral character shall be eligible for membership in this Association, provided that he affirms, “to be faithful to the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and the Code of Ethics of the MAA”.

Associate Member | $25 per year
Individuals who are, or who are not auctioneers, but involved in auctions or auction related business. Has the right to participate in any activities, excluding the right to vote or hold an office, of the Association.
Distance State Member | $250 per year
Auctioneers or individuals in the industry involved in auctions or auction related business but reside in a state that does not touch Montana.

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