Montana Auctioneers Attend NAA C&S

Update to MAA Friends,

As the year continues, one of the highlights is having the opportunity to attend the National Auctioneers Association Conference & Show. The show is full of fantastic seminars, designation classes, networking opportunity, and the convention center full of every auction vendor you can think of.

The 2022 conference was held in sunny San Diego, California this year and the Montana Auctioneers Association was well represented. In attendance this year included six of our MAA Board of Directors (President Nick Bennet, Vice President Wade Affleck, Treasurer Merton Musser, Past President J.K. Kinsey, Board Member Tucker Markovich and Board Member Reed Tobel). Also, in attendance as seen in the photo was Susan Musser, Lindsay Musser (and their children), Pat Busby, Mark Markovich (and not in the photo his wife JoEllen Markovich as well as Tucker Markovich's wife Melanie Markovich and their children). NAA C&S is truly a family affair.

You should be proud of your Montana Auctioneers as they were involved, competed, hosted, and represented your state well!

Nick Bennet as the former International Auctioneer Champion (the 72nd IAC in 2021 located in Minneapolis), hosted the bid calling competition along with fellow champion Laura Mantle from Gahanna, OH. The competition saw auctioneers from around the country competing, including our very own Reed Tobel. Reed's name was on the leader board for a good bit, but ultimately Jerick Miller and Chantel Kimball were the champions and Jesse Garber for the junior champion. During the competition our own Pat Busby assisted with ringing for the finals.

The entire Musser crew attended this year’s show for one of the first times which included our Billings, Montana Musser & Affleck group of Wade and Lindsey Affleck (and their kids) as well as Merton and Susan Musser.

During the show you could see J.K., Tucker and Mark, Merton and Wade as well as Nick, Reed, and Pat attending continued education seminars, networking events, the different dinner events or on the in the convention center talking to different vendors.

Outside of the conference was the beautiful southern California coast with beaches for miles, wonderful shopping, and truly fantastic dinning. Going to the yearly NAA C&S is always a treat.

Thank you to the MAA members who attended!

Kind Regards,

Tucker Markovich, MAA Board Member

CS23 Early Promo

Do you want to attend the 2023 NAA C&S for Free?

Did you know that each year, as approved by your Board of Directors, the Montana Auctioneers Convention gives away a paid trip to the National Auctioneers Association Conference and Show? At the end of our convention at the final dinner for those that are members and attend the entire show we offer a drawing for one winner to attend the upcoming NAA conference. At NAA C&S you get to learn from the best in the business about new technology, how to better your business, how to become a better contract auctioneer, there are specific classes on real estate, firearms, personal branding, SEO as well as the designation classes. The show offers you the opportunity to meet with auction vendors in person as well as network with your auction piers from around the entire world. All the while staying in a historic and beautiful location. This upcoming 2023 NAA Conference and Show will be held in Oklahoma City, July 18-22, 2023. The trip is paid for up to a set amount after receiving actual receipts.

Attend the Montana Auctioneers Association Convention held in Polson, Montana on January 20-21, 2023, and you could possibly win a partially paid for trip to the NAA C&S in Oklahoma City!

Save the Date!

2023 Convention

January 20-21
Red Lion, Polson, MT
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